Gregson Solicitors

WELCOME to Gregsons, Wimbledon Solicitors

We are a modern law firm based in Wimbledon with an up to date approach to the business of law whilst still retaining the stability borne of our 225 years existence. We aim to provide you, the client, with the best legal advice in a practical, open, easily understood and commercially sensible way at a price you can afford.

You will find information about our main areas of expertise and specialisations on our website but if you need to know more please ask. There is no charge for an initial enquiry and one of our partners or other professional staff is always pleased to have a preliminary discussion with a client whether new to the firm or not.

We offer fixed fees where possible and in other cases, estimates of costs. We aim to provide the highest standards of customer care and have procedures in place to reinforce that throughout the firm.

We are proud of what we achieve for our clients and hope that we can help you too.